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Chloe Hatch Wins Everglades Dressage Young Rider Achievement Award at Wellington Classic Dressage Holiday Show

Photo: Chloe Hatch (left) and trainer Heidi Degele pose with Hatch’s mount Prince Paradiso and their prize,
an embroidered saddlepad from Everglades Dressage. (Photo courtesy of JRPR—no photo credit necessary)

Wellington, FL (December 26, 2012) – Chloe Hatch rode into a
personal victory at the Wellington Classic Dressage Holiday Show
aboard her horse, Slogan, by completing in the 3rd level test and
winning the Everglades Dressage Young Rider Achievement Award.
“I just had fun,” Hatch smiles, “Everything was such an improvement
over last time!” The team rode away with a score of 61.842% as well
as an Everglades Dressage saddle pad.

“She went for it and we’re all thrilled,” states proud mom, Linda
Hatch. Hatch has been training with Heidi Degele, who is also proud
of her young student. Degele explains that this recent victory is extra
special because her horse suffered a serious injury about a year ago.
Slogan, who is by Prince Paradiso, suffered a fractured hock but has
now made a full recovery. Degele is planning to take Hatch and
Slogan even further into Young Riders during this 2013 season.

Everglades Dressage Young Riders Achievement Award is presented
to up and coming young riders who excel in the show arena and go
above and beyond their duty to horses and horsemanship.
Everglades Dressage, owned by Bethany Peslar, is based in Grand
Prix Village of Wellington, and offers dressage training for all levels of
riders from Training level to Grand Prix. Peslar offers boarding for
clients in training, and also allows clients to trailer in their horses for
lessons. She focuses on helping riders achieve success with an
emphasis on correct seat and effective aids, and her training program
offers lesson horses through the FEI level.
Peslar is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist, was the 2006
Reserve Champion in the National Young Adult Grand Prix
Championship “Brentina Cup” at Gladstone, and is a successful
USEF High Performance Grand Prix competitor. Peslar’s impressive
list of accomplishments also includes earning her USDF Gold Medal
in 2003 at age 21. She is also a strong supporter of equestrian
programs in the United States.

For more information on Peslar, visit her website at

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