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Cara Broderick and Duval Win World Equestrian Brands Tack Matters Award at Wellington Classic Dressage Holiday Show

Photo: World Equestrian Brands (WEB) was proud to present a Vespucci bridle
to Cara Broderick and her horse, Duval, as a part of the Tack Matters Award.
(Photo courtesy of JRPR—no photo credit necessary)

Wellington, FL (December 21, 2012) – World Equestrian Brands
(WEB) was proud to present a Vespucci bridle to Cara Broderick and
her horse, Duval, as a part of the Tack Matters Award. Broderick and
Duval were selected to win due to their outstanding presentation and
turn out during the Wellington Classic Dressage Holiday Show. “I
thought Cara’s ride was fabulous,” said trainer Heidi Degele, “This
was her very first time doing 3rd
Level on her horse who she’s training
herself with my help.” Broderick’s horse Duval is a 9-year-old
Oldenberg by Dr. Doolittle, and she explains that his stable name is
Mr. Wonderful because of his patience. “I only went back into riding
and took up dressage three years ago,” she explains. “Heidi has
done a wonderful job bringing us both on because before that, I was
a hunter/jumper with a hunter/jumper seat that she has worked
extremely hard to get rid of!”

Broderick and Duval live in England and fly into Florida every winter
to train with Degele for the season. She explains that her English
equestrian background supports the WEB emphasis that tacks
matters. “I was trained as a young girl that in order to be respectful to
the judges you only went into the ring if you were spotlessly clean
and your horse was beautifully turned out. I still know that this is very
important today.” Her trainer, Degele agrees. “It is extremely
important to be well turned out at the horse show,” she advises, “Your
overall appearance of how you present your horse is also
representing how you train your horse and how you take care of your
horse at home. The presentation is everything.”

Robin Moore of World Equestrian Brands explains that they strongly
support this important part of equestrian sport. “We are dedicated to
the equine industry and are constantly taking steps to be involved in
the industry’s many facets,” she explains. WEB is the US distributor
of Amerigo, Amerigo Vega, EA Mattes, Vespucci and Equilibrium
products, and therefore, horses and riders are assured of the highest
quality products available. Moore continues, “As riders ourselves, we
are continually reaching out to other riders, competitors, organizers,
and retail stores to listen to their needs and the problems they are
trying to solve with their equipment.”

The high performance saddles and strap goods from Amerigo are
unrivaled worldwide. Designed by Peter Menet, Amerigo saddles are
handcrafted, and are designed using a scientific approach by
integrating the biomechanics of horse and rider to improve comfort
and performance. Understanding the dynamics of motion and what
the horse’s body needs to be capable of at the top levels of all
disciples is Amerigo’s strength. All Amerigo saddles are fit using a
unique measuring system to ensure the proper fit for both horse and
rider. Amerigo’s goal is to provide comfort for the horse and rider and
to enable them to be balanced and free to perform. Amerigo also is
endorsed by a number of champions, including Olympic eventers
Allison Springer, Kim Severson, and Buck Davidson, showjumping
Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Guerdat, Edwina Alexander, Aaron Vale
and Kim Prince, and dressage riders Ali Brock, Gold Medalist Carl
Hester, Kyra Kyrklund, and Pierre St. Jacques.

Moore states, “We hope our allegiance and experience with our
products shines through in our customer service to provide you with
quality assistance whenever you need it.”

For more information about World Equestrian Brands, visit or call 1-888-637-8463

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